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Ian as a Club committee member. A detail from a painting by Peter Valentine.


“Yesterday, Wednesday August 14th 2023 we saw Ian off on his final journey. About twenty Club members and their partners gathered at Trent Valley  Crematorium to join Ian’s family and friends,

Ian’s coffin, carried by six bearers, was draped with a tartan cloth, presumably a Davidson tartan, and entered the chapel, to the sound of bagpipes.

The celebrant introduced himself, thanked the bearers and then proceeded with a celebration of Ian’s life by outlining his achievements. Briefly, he mentioned Derby Green Lane Art School, where Ian specialised in sculpture, his years as an engineer officer in the merchant navy and his time as a production manager at Rolls Royce.

The next item was a recording of a Scottish air, Flowers of the Forest, which was one of Ian’s favourite tunes.

Two adult grandsons were called to the front to add their thoughts on their grandad’s life. The first one to speak had obviously prepared a fine speech which praised his grandad’s kindness and good humour. Touchingly, his emotions brought him close to tears, but he manfully forced himself to complete his spoken essay. As the second grandson began to speak a loud mobile telephone began to ring. With great restraint he fell silent until the unfortunate noisy phone was turned off. Then he muttered into the microphone, “Grandad would have loved that incident”.

The celebrant then took us briefly, into the realms of religion by asking us to join him in The Lord’s Prayer.

Finally,  a recording of that lovely song , ‘ Time to say Goodbye,’ was played while the uniformed usher led us out of the chapel.

It was a sincere, well arranged and sensitive celebration of his life.

 After the service we were invited to the Malt Shovel pub which is a short stroll from the cottage where Ian had lived and his frequent watering hole. A good gathering of guests enjoyed the drinks and snacks on offer amid a noisy buzz of conversation. When people were settled into their various groups, one of Ian’s grandsons said that he would raise a donation to the Sketching Club  in gratitude for the pleasure and peace of mind which the club had given his grandfather. He would like it to be used for a coach trip to some artistic venue. It was a kind gesture which was gladly accepted.

We, in turn, will be giving a donation to Ian’s chosen charity, that of Retired merchant seamen.”

Joseph Read  (Chairman)

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