“My only formal qualification in art is an O-level, gained under the inspiring tutelage of Charles Viner at Wolverhampton Grammar School. I did a little drawing and almost no painting in the years that followed, concentrating on a career in nuclear engineering with Rolls-Royce. But then a series of evening classes at the Rycote Centre in Derby, with stimulating instruction and debate from Alexandra Koufali, helped to reawaken my interest in the creative process of art, especially portraiture. 

I joined Derby Sketching Club after early retirement, very much appreciating the effort that goes into running an organisation like this, especially the provision of models, and enjoying the company of a diverse group of people with a common interest in doing art. 

I am still fascinated by the fact that mere marks of carbon on paper, or dabs of pigment on canvas, can recreate in the viewer’s mind the appearance, and to some extent the personality, of the subject.  Well, that’s the theory… “