“The artistic blood runs through the family and loads of the family members followed a creative career. I took no interest in art until the age of 15 when I’ve joined the “Hans Mattis-Teusch” Fine Arts High School in my home town. I was specialized in ceramics and left home when I was 18 to live and study abroad. I have joined the “Computer Games Modelling and Animation” course at the University of Derby but changed my subject during the first year of study. I have graduated as an Animator from a Visual Communication course and worked in various creative industries. My first visit to the Sketching Club was in my second year at uni, around January 2010. I was a complete stranger then but I’ve found a really nice bunch of people here and kept them close to my heart ever since. I now work as a freelance artist/ teacher with both children and adults and I enjoy what I do a lot. The Sketching Club has been like a family to me and I will always remember it and it’s members dearly.”