Trophy Exhibition Newsletter 

MAY 25th - 28th 2018 
After a slow start on the Friday, visitors came to our exhibition in droves. At times it was impossible to pass between the display boards due to the crush of interested viewers. It was good to see so many Club members, and past members, some with their families or friends in the gallery. Margaret Allton, Margaret Rose, Mary Smith and June Asprey , all past members, were full of praise for the overall quality of the works on show. We were especially pleased to greet Connie Rawson, who, at over ninety years of age has certainly made good use of her Honorary Life Time Club membership.
It all began on the Thursday morning at 8am, when the display boards, kindly lent to us from Darley Abbey Village Hall, were transported to the park. While Club members were bringing in their pictures, the display boards were being erected. It was essential to hang the exhibition before 1p.m when the adjudicator, David Walton, began his thorough assessments. His choices were as follows:
Trophy winner: Lesley Griggs
Highly Commended: Johnny Bermudez
                              Tony Deeming
                               Lynn Hollingsworth
                              Julie Marshall
                              Peter Valentine
                              Kevin Willets
Our Congratulations to them all!

The Party

A party was held at the gallery on the Thursday evening, for all Club members, their families and their friends. We had Marlene Griffiths to thank for preparing the tempting food and, with the wine and conversation flowing, a good time was had by all present.
The Mayor of Derby’s Visit
Next day, Friday, we opened the exhibition to the public.
At 1.00 pm, His Worship the Mayor of Derby, Councillor Mike Carr and his wife, The Mayoress, honoured us with a pre-arranged visit. The Mayor officially opened the exhibition and distributed the winners’ certificates. Prior to the distribution, David, the adjudicator, gave an interesting short talk in which he outlined the criteria which had guided his choices. The Mayor and Mayoress viewed the exhibition, kindly purchasing the three canvasses which they liked best of all.

Visitors’ Choice

During the next few days several Club members attended the exhibition full time. Others attended their allotted stewarding slots, giving a valuable few hours of their time. Part of the stewarding job was to persuade those people attending to give their vote for the Visitors’ Choice certificates and to sign the Visitors’ Book. The stewards did a fine job.. A well deserved thanks to them all.
More on the Visitors’ Choice Votes
In spite of a painful neck, Ann Eames spent three and a half hours sorting the Visitors’ Choice votes. Thank you, Ann, we are grateful.
Her findings are as follows:
There were 462 votes in the box. and, as only 120 people signed the Visitors’ Book, it is certain that many escaped our stewards’ clutches.
Overall, Sue Stone received 71 votes for all her entries and she also came a close second for an individual entry. Well done, Sue.

Voting for individual paintings:

34 votes : Nigel Sutherland - “Newlands Rock”
31 votes: Sue Stone - “Jan”
29 votes; Charlie Chan - “ Boatman at Lymington”
20 votes: Ron Lightbown - “Survivors”
19 votes: Steve Lockley - “Oh, I Have Slipped
                                       The Surly Bonds of Earth”
About a dozen others reached two figures and every artist in the exhibition received a vote or two.
There were, obviously, two exhibitors who may be seen as winners. Both have our congratulations and both will receive a Visitors’ Choice Certificate.
Visitors’ Choice: Nigel Sutherland
Sue Stone
Other Statistics of Interest
Jack Porteous, the Club’s Hon. Treasurer has provided the following comparisons:

Major Works Displayed and sold:

Year Works:
Year                Entered                     For Sale                 Sold
2014                71                            ?                           5
201                  85                           65                         4
2016                92                            84                        9
2017                110                          90                        9
1018                103                          76                        6
Browser Items:
Year                 Items Entered               Sold
2014                38                                 4
2015                51                                 5
2016                33                                 4
2017                45                                 6
2018                42                                 3
Year                Entered                          Sold
2014               286                                151
2015               400                                117
2016                280                                88
2017                296                                 94
2018                308                                 59
A Good Year
When the willing helpers had taken down the paintings, collapsed the display boards, stacked the easels, put away the chairs, packed all the kitchen equipment and swept out the two rooms of the gallery, they sat in a circle, each with a glass of wine. A lively conversation took place in which all agreed that the exhibition had been a great success. In spite of Jack’s statistics, shown above, which indicate very average sales, everyone felt that it was an excellent social event. The work needed to organise and run the exhibition was well worth while. With this thought in mind, it was agreed that
Every effort should be made to book the same place for next year’s Trophy Exhibition, So, Club members, plan your pictures in plenty of time to make our 2019 exhibition the best one yet.
Joseph Read (Chairman)

Last updated: Tuesday 05th June 2018