DSC Newsletter September 2016 

Trophy exhibition 2017

With this year’s successful and enjoyable exhibition still in mind, the Committee has booked the same venue for the May Bank Holiday, 25th – 29th May,2017. There should be a great number of visitors to the park at that particular time and it is hoped that many of them will be tempted to look into our gallery. We were fortunate enough, this year, to be able to borrow display stands from Darley Abbey Village Hall. In gratitude, we have made a £50 donation to their fund. We feel sure that they will lend them to us again, next year.

The excellent easels, produced by committee member, Chris Jones, will be in use again at our next exhibition and for many years to come.

We still have to fix a teaching and a sketching day in the Markeaton gallery, which were part of our bargain in hiring the gallery. Information will be distributed when these dates are settled.

Heating in Grange Hall

For some months now, there has been no heating in Grange Hall. Apparently, there is a leak in one of the pipes which conduct hot water to the main hall. Committee members have requested urgency in dealing with this situation, but have been told that the more urgent, collapsing corner of the building must take precedence. For obvious reasons, our meetings need heating and, as the year progresses, that need will increase. The committee will continue to pursue the issue.

Club Outings

After a succession of worth-while outings to various art-related events, plans are afoot for possible Autumn visits to other places. With the Whitworth Gallery in mind (one of the less successful visits) the committee wish to check on the viability of future outings in terms of their artistic interest. Possibilities are: Liverpool with its Walker Gallery, nearby Port Sunlight Gallery and Compton Verney. If Club members have ideas for outings, with an art theme, a word to a committee member would be appreciated.

Outdoor Sketching

Committee members John Blundell and Charlie Chen are still actively arranging outdoor painting venues. Please contact them for up to date information.

Melbourne Art Festival

The annual Melbourne Art Festival is well worth visiting. Not only are many artists and crafts people exhibiting their works, but this is a unique opportunity to be welcomed into private houses and gardens, some of which are of historic interest or have great views over the lake.

This year we have been invited to join Leicester Sketching Club in a sketching trip to the festival. They propose that we should meet on Sept. 17th at 10.30a.m. The meeting place will be the car park at St. Michael’s Church, near Melbourne Hall.

Treasurer’s Report

Jack Porteous, the Hon. Treasurer of the committee continues to keep a sharp eye on the Club’s finances. At the last committee meeting he announced that the club finances were in a really healthy state. He has the support of the committee in making some meetings, free of charge – not too many, but just when he considers the fund can stand it.

Club Web Site

Jack has also taken the Club website, originally put in place by Club member Keith Howard, in hand and its smart new design is very attractive. The gallery on the website is open to all members free of charge. If you would like the world to see your paintings or sketches, please make use of this facility. It involves photographing your pictures and offering them to Magdalena Aron, our website manager, over the internet as JPeG type images. ( If that is unintelligible to you, plenty of help will be available at Club meetings).

National Trust Membership

The idea was floated that it would be a good idea to have a Club membership of the National Trust, so that non National Trust members could enter their properties for sketching without cost. Unfortunately, this is not a viable proposition. Each person must have their own individual membership. However, not all our out door sketching sessions are held at N.T. properties, so there is not always an admission fee.

Ticknall Art Exhibition

The annual Ticknall exhibition is intended to raise funds for the local private primary school. It is the largest show of its kind in the Midlands. As always, quite a few of our Club members entered paintings this year. At least three of our members sold their pictures. Congratulations to them all.

Angela’s Letter

A new model, Angela, posed for us a few weeks ago. She was very nervous, as this was her debut as a model. In the kitchen, standing in her dressing gown, she was trembling.

“I’m so nervous”, she said. “I haven’t done this before, but I have to go through with it. It’s on my bucket list.”

She made a good model and Ron would like to book her again. In reply to his enquiry she wrote him a most charming letter. She said that she now had a job, so she could not book any more modelling dates. She explained, that doing the modelling session had really boosted her self confidence, enough to get her through a recent job interview. She thanked the Club for changing her life by inspiring her to smarten up, dye her hair, be aware of her general appearance and for giving her the confidence to return to dating.

Wow! What a fantastic effect our Club has on people.

Joseph Read (Chairman)

Last updated: Tuesday 25th April 2017