Newsletter June 2017    

Trophy Exhibition News
 With this year’s successful and enjoyable exhibition still in mind, the Committee has attempted to book the same venue for the May Bank Holiday on a permanent repeat basis. So far the person in charge of the hall will not allow this to happen. She, apparently, has to discuss such an arrangement with her superiors. It has also
been made clear that the hire charge for the hall may be increased for next year and that the 5 free parking tickets allowed for the organisers will no longer be available. In spite of these limitations, the committee is determined to continue holding our Trophy Exhibition there. We all have warm feelings towards the place and consider it to be the best venue that we have so far discovered.
Our Hon. Treasurer, Jack Porteous, presented the committee with a detailed breakdown of the financial aspects of this year’s exhibition. In brief, having hired the hall and taken no commission from sales, hired a van to transport the display boards, provided a great party prior to the opening of the exhibition and sundry other commitments, the final cost was over a thousand pounds. Indeed, the club can stand this debt and the committee felt that it was a worthwhile expense, but Jack let us know that he would be keeping a keen eye on expenditure to ensure that the Club funds stay in a healthy state. The adjudicator of this year’s exhibition, Rachael Pinks, has agreed to send her comments on her choices for the Trophy and the six Highly Commended pictures which she chose. At the moment she is very busy setting up a solo exhibition of her own, but her text will be distributed to members when it arrives.

The Trophy winner, Elizabeth Harris, has received the trophy with her name engraved on one of the small silver plaques. She will keep it until the next Trophy Exhibition.
Chris Jones, our I.T. Secretary, took 750 photographs over the five days of the exhibition, many of which were
displayed on the projector during the event. We intend to send a USB stick of his pictures, which include trips and
entertainment and general Club activities, to be part of the Club archives in Derbyshire Record Office in Matlock. Chris feels that they will give an historic view of the Club for future generations. A selection of the photographs will be shown on the Club website as soon as they are uploaded.
London Coach Trip
A coach trip to London in time to take in the Royal Academy Open Exhibition, has been organised by Ian Davidson for Saturday, July 8th. The cost will be a mere £10 for Club members and £15 for non-members. A day in London is always worthwhile – there is so much to do. Travelling alongside friendly Club members makes the day doubly enjoyable. The booking list is available at all Club sessions. The coach will leave, as usual, from Littleover Post Office at 7.15a.m. promptly and leave London for the return journey at 5p.m. Ian has also proposed three other potential Club outings: Oxford for the Raphael exhibition, The Yorkshire Sculpture Park and The Ferrans Gallery in Hull. Details are displayed in the kitchen at all Club sessions. The costs include a discount for Club members.
Drawing in the Art Gallery
Felicity Jackson has kindly taken the trouble to enquire about Sketching Club visits to Derby Art Gallery and Museum. Originally, her idea was that we could see canvasses from the gallery collection which are not usually on display. Many of them were painted by past members of the Club. Unfortunately, this is no longer seen as a
possibility due to the work which would be involved for the gallery staff. However, we are invited to sketch in the gallery exhibition halls, perhaps on a monthly basis. For those interested a signing up list with further details will be available at Grange Hall art sessions.
Large Attendances
The healthy state of the Club is apparent from the number of members attending our drawing sessions. Sometimes the attendance amounts to overcrowding. We used to have the main hall available for all our sessions, but we lost the Friday morning use some years ago when the Club’s finances were rapidly dwindling and we saved money by using the small room. We have looked at alternative accommodation in the nearby Grange Hall Masonic Lodge, but the rooms on hire are far too exclusive to be used for art studios. Our Membership Secretary, Charles Chen, has, as a temporary measure, put many potential new members on a waiting list, But that does not satisfactorily solve our problem. Yes, we could do with more room on Friday mornings and possibly on Tuesday for the portrait sessions, but the hall is very convenient as regards storage, kitchen facilities and parking. It would
be difficult to find another place more suitable for our needs. With a little goodwill from members, we can
manage with things as they are at present, as long as Charlie continues to fend off new members – he does it
so politely.
Sketching Outdoors
In the previous newsletter David Llewellyn’s list of Wednesday outdoor sketching venues was published. These sessions have already started and will continue, weather permitting, until September 27th. It is not
necessary to be a practising landscape artist to join the group. Just bring your materials, whichever medium you prefer, and enjoy a novel day sketching whatever catches your eye. All of the venues are close to Derby and David has taken the trouble to ensure that there is a place of refreshment close by.
Joseph Read (Chairman)

Last updated: Sunday 02nd July 2017