DSC Newsletter June 2016

Post Exhibition Edition

Trophy Exhibition 2016

The necessity to find a different venue for this year’s exhibition led us to the discovery of the newly refurbished Community Room in the Craft Village of Markeaton Park. It was equipped with tables, smart covering cloths, chairs, good lighting, a wall mounted projector and screen, a kitchen and a toilet, but no display boards. A Club member mentioned that Darley Village Hall had a set of display boards and enquiries found that they would lend them to us , as a community project, free of charge. We were delighted. Having made arrangements and hired transport, the boards were set up in the new venue on the Thursday morning while Club members were bringing in their entries. Hanging was completed by energetic committee members by midday and before long our adjudicator, Rosemary Mills, had selected five canvasses as Highly Commended. However, she could not bring herself to choose between two Club artists’ works for the Trophy. Uniquely, then, this year we have two Trophy winners who will have six months each to show it on their mantelpieces.

At 2.00p.m. on Friday, Councillor Linda Winter, the Mayor of Derby, arrived. She officially opened the exhibition and was conducted on a tour of the gallery. She kindly posed with the winners and with groups of Club members while photographs were taken. These were later shown in a continuous loop, together with many other Club related slides, on the wall mounted screen.

Many visitors passed through the door over the following days, some attracted by our “A” boards, when walking in the park. Others had made special arrangements to visit our exhibition, bringing their families and friends. Several well known local artists also came to view our exhibition.

Quite apart from the sales of cards and pictures, the warm, sociable atmosphere was thoroughly enjoyable – more so, according to some Club members, than any other exhibition which they had attended.

Many, many thanks go to those Club members who gave their time and enthusiasm towards making the event such a success.


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Once again, thanks to all who made this event such a success.

Joseph Read (Chairman)

Last updated: Saturday 18th June 2016