DSC Newsletter  

The Annual General Meeting for the year ending December 2017 was held at Grange Hall on Friday, 26th Jan. 2018 at 7.00p.m. This Newsletter is devoted to the main features of the meeting for the benefit of members who could not attend. All committee members retained their posts.
1. Attendance
2. Minutes of A.G.M. held in January 2017 (For 2016)
3. Matters arising from these minutes
4. Chairman’s remarks.
5. Treasurer’s Annual Report
6. A word from our Models co-ordinator
7. Election of officers for 2018
8. Any Other Business
9. Date of next A.G.M.


Chairman’s Remarks for the year 2017
Last year, 2017, we had a full calendar of Portrait Drawing on Tuesday mornings, organised by Ann Eames, and Life Drawing on Friday mornings and evenings, organised by Ron Lightbown. As usual, these same two committee members worked out the annual calendar of Club events, making sure that Still Life and Portrait sessions interspersed the Friday evening Life sessions. They also provided us with the ever popular Demonstrations and Workshops, as follows:
· Feb.: Sunday Workshop (Colour Mixing with Peter Valentine)
· March: Laura Donaldson (Woodland Scene in Pastels)
· April: Rosemary Mills (Critique of Members’ Works)
· June: Jane Mayled (Figures in an Urban Landscape)
· July: Tas Severis (Harbour Scene in Acrylics)
· Sept: Sunday Workshop (Two Models – No Tutor)
· Sept. David Walton: (An Approach to Portraiture)
· Oct. Tony Sumpter (Hands, Ears and Feet)
A good and satisfying programme of Workshops and demonstrations
Also taking place during the year were:
· The Annual Club Lunch at Littleover Lodge
· Four Trips organised by Ian Davidson:
Birmingham for a tour of the RBSA Gallery.
Oxford for the Exhibition of Raphael’s Drawings
Hull as the 2017 City of Culture
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park
The big event of the year was the Annual Trophy Exhibition. It was held at our newly discovered gallery in Markeaton Park Craft Village. We have to thank Darley Abbey Village Hall Committee for lending us their display boards, Chris Jones for producing more than enough display easles of a revolutionary design, Ron for organising the transport for the display boards and all committee members for their enthusiasm and hard work in mounting the display. As Ron said of it:
“ A big success and we will make it our home gallery for years to come”.
The old phrase “Last but not least” comes to mind when I mention that we had a weekly calendar of “En Plein Air “ days, organised by David Llewellyn. Outdoor painting sessions of which only a few members took advantage. David has done a fine job.and he has continued during the cold weather by organising drawing sessions in Derby Museum...
We have had an excellent and varied programme all round for which, I am sure, all Club members are grateful. Many thanks , Ann and Ron, for compiling the Annual Calendar, and for arranging Sunday Workshops and Demonstrations. Ron, in particular, deserves our thanks for continually presenting us with models on Fridays.
Jack Porteous continued his excellent work during the year, as the Club Treasurer. He collects the fees from our art sessions and makes sure that the cash reaches the bank. For every committee meeting he produces a full analysis of the state of the Club's finances. I leave it to Jack, himself, to tell us what is in the bank, and his brief statement follows. Jack also keeps a weather eye on the Club website and has made several valuable suggestions to our website wizard, Magdalena Aron. Magdalena, herself, is not on the committee. She is paid for her work on the website.. She keeps the site as up-to-date as possible. She is ready to include a gallery of pictures for any Club members who provides a set of photographs (j.pegs) sent to her e-mail address. There is no charge for Club members' galleries.
Claire Moses, our Club Secretary, keeps and distributes the minutes of committee meetings, sends out emails to all members who have computers and reminds committee members when there are meetings We are all grateful for her work.
Ann Eames holds the position of Club Vice Chairwoman. As always, she is a fund of knowledge on Club procedure and the local art scene. For as long as I can remember, Ann has organised the Tuesday Portrait sessions. Long may she continue to do so.
Charlie Chen receives incoming mail, keeps the membership list up to date and issues membership cards on members’ annual fee payment. He receives several membership enquiries every week.
Marlene Griffiths takes care of any catering which we need and she does it well.
We have a Committee of ten members at the present time - Ann Eames, Jack Porteous, Ron Lightbown, Marlene Griffiths, Claire Moses, Charlie Chen, Chris Jones, Ian Davidson, Britta Jarvis and myself.
The August Ticknall Exhibition is always worth seeing. Every year many Club members show their paintings there and many are sold. It is, perhaps, the best sales room available for local artists. If you want to sell your paintings that's the place to exhibit.
What is planned for 2018
The calendar of events from January to June has already been distributed, so I will spare you the extra time it would take to read them here..
Of course, Ian will be organising the London coach trip and several others. Please support his efforts. The coaches may well be subsidised from Club funds, making such visits very worthwhile.
Just one more mention. All members appreciate the biscuits, tea and coffee which we consume. Leslie Griggs, most kindly, makes sure that we never go short. Our thanks to her.
I know it is early in the year, but it doesn’t hurt to remind members that they should be considering their entries for the Trophy Exhibition in May and the Ticknall Show in August.
It only remains for me to wish all Club members a very happy and artistically challenging 2018
Joseph Read (Chairman)
Treasurers Report for 2017
Those attending the AGM, were given a paper report showing the financial position of the club, it also showed the totals of income and expenditure, and two pie charts showing the breakdown by percentages of total income and expenditure. The Treasurer pointed out the totals on the report and put actual values to some of the main items of income and expenditure.  Jack Porteous
The Models’ Co-ordinator’s Statement
In an effort to alleviate the restrictions of the Friday morning life sessions the Committee agreed to increase the number of Friday evening life sessions, to afford members more life session opportunities. This was achieved by combining Still Life and Life on the same evenings - the first of these evening had already taken place 19th January. There will still be a couple of dedicated still life nights but these will be combined with members showing their own work and also a social evening with refreshments. Ron Lightbown

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