Club Demonstration  

With Tas Severis, Friday 20th July 2017


The Club demonstration on Friday, July 20th featured the artist Tas Severis. He is a local artist, living in Nottingham who has been a studio artist at Patchings Art Centre for several years. His chosen theme for the evening was a harbour scene in acrylics.
Tas began by displaying a palette knife with a diamond shaped blade which he told us was the sole implement which he would use to complete his painting. When he revealed his canvas it was already painted dark blue on which he had outlined his intended scene with white pastel.
He reached for a tube from the array arranged on a table and squeezed a thick smear near the top of his canvas. Several colours were blobbed on to the same area where they stayed for a short time while he regaled us with stories of his experiences as an artist. Then, turning back to his work, he spread the colours - white, blue and yellow - to produce his sky.
Thick waves and ridges of paint, squeezed directly from the tube and modelled with his palette knife , were to be used throughout the evening.
It became obvious, when he had sketched in a hilltop abbey and several orange roofs that he was painting a seaside town. As he put in the seafront buildings in bright colours and, eventually, a choppy sea and fishing boats it became obvious that the town was Whitby.
What he was depicting was not really important for the viewing Club members, it was the utter freedom of his technique which was appreciated.
Tas gave us a worthwhile evening. Perhaps some of the Club’s still life artists will emulate his use of the palette knife – and maybe his evident pleasure in using so free a technique.

 Painting Demo

Joseph Read

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