Drawing Course Based around Still Life

A 6 weeks course taught by David Walton 

Each week students will be shown examples from the history of art placing in context the task for that session. All materials will be supplied by the tutor.
The course will run for six weeks on Friday afternoons from 1.30 to 3.30 pm in Grange Hall, Littleover.
The course structure;
Week I, June 22, Tribal Masks, tonal drawing, Charcoal and charcoal pencils.
Week 2, June 29, Drapery, the abstract qualities of pattern, coloured pencils.
Week 3, July 6, Roots and driftwood, line and texture, Indian ink, spray and masking.
Week 4, July 13, Glass, reflection and distortion, hatching, biro.
Week 5, July 20, Vanitas (skulls and shells), proportion, graphite pencils.
Week 6, July 27, Boots and shoes, form, soft pastels.
The fee for the course is £48.
The course will only run with a minimum of ten students and a maximum of twelve.
To book a place on the course students need to pay a cheque to D. E. WALTON.
In the event of the course not running those cheques will be returned.
The closing date for a decision on if the course runs is midday, Tuesday June 12th.
In order to keep track of students paying from different locations, if you do not see me on Tuesday, at portrait, please contact me on 01283 713883.
David Walton.

Last updated: Tuesday 05th June 2018