Club Outing to Oxford

Thursday, August 10th saw another Club outing and another successful day.
Oxford was our objective and many of us were aiming to visit a rather special exhibition of The Drawings of Raphael at the Ashmolean Gallery. These drawings had been gathered from many sources, especially for the exhibition, including drawings from the Queen's collection, The Uffizi Gallery in Florence, The Louvre in Paris and some from private art collections. Entry to the exhibition was by timed ticket, but there was no problem in procuring them. There were four galleries of Raphael's drawings on show. Most of them were smallish and rather hard to make out in the dimly lit rooms, but Raphael's technical and artistic interpretations of the human form were breathtaking. An outstanding work was of a pair of hands, foreshortened and viewed along the fingers to the wrists - wonderful! They were all the works of a young man for he died of a fever at the age of 37.
Most of the group spent time in the rest of the Ashmolean, which has a great deal of splendid sculpture and art from across the centuries together with many collections of interesting artefacts from various countries.
The Natural History and Pitt Rivers Museums attracted some of the group. Here they viewed several skeletons of giant dinosaurs, a large collection of fossils and, in the Pitt Rivers section a large number of display cabinets with artefacts collected from - it seemed - everywhere on earth.
Most people were 'museumed out' by the time the bus arrived to take us back to Derby, but some of the group had done their own thing - visiting Oxford University's fine college buildings, joining conducted tours round the town or simply shopping. However individuals spent their time in Oxford, it was a very enjoyable day.
Thanks once more to Ian Davidson for arranging things, Ann Eames for managing the bus so well and Jack Porteous for the financial aspects of the trip.
Video: The Drawings – an exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 2017
Joseph Read

Last updated: Tuesday 22nd August 2017