Art Club Outing to Hull 

Thursday, 24th August 2017
Hull, it was said on the coach, is this year’s European City of Culture. There was much head shaking about that, but most Club members on the trip were willing to give the city a chance to prove itself worthy of the title.
Steve, the coach driver had difficulty in finding his way through the maze of one way streets and he had to reverse the coach for some distance when confronted by a ‘no entry’ sign. Eventually he let us off the coach quite close to the Ferens Gallery, which was donated to the city by philanthropist Thomas Ferens in 1927.
The gallery itself is a fine building with a pillared frontage in the classical style. Inside there were two floors of galleries, but we all groaned at the pile of rubble just inside which was supposed to be a work of art. The galleries, however, were much more traditional, with framed canvasses arranged along the walls. Most of the paintings, it must be said, were unexciting landscapes and portraits, but there were exceptions: two paintings of classical figures by Lord Leighton, for instance, graced one gallery, a fine double portrait by Rembrandt also stood out from the crowd, and there were other paintings by recognised masters. Being a city with a harbour meant that many of the pictures showed ships under full sail and busy scenes of port activity.
It was a pleasure to walk around the city with its many fine buildings, while the alleys and features of the old harbour area were intriguing. Some Club members spent most of their day following a printed town trail and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.There were several excellent museums – a Natural History Museum which cleverly led visitors through the ages of man; a fine Marine Museum; a Trinity House Museum; an excellent Transport Museum; the anti-slavery hero, William Wilberforce’s house, the Deep Aquarium and others.
Judging from the advertisements, there was a lot happening in the evenings which would grace a City of Culture.
Once again we have to thank Ian Davidson for organising the trip, Ann for managing the coach and Jack Porteous for doing the financial bits.
The Shipbuilder and his Wife Rembrandt
Caption: "The Shipbuilder and his Wife" by Rembrandt
Joe Read

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