Trophy Exhibition 2017, Markeaton Park

With this year’s successful and enjoyable exhibition still in mind, the Committee will be trying to book the same venue for next year's exhibition,2018.
Many Club members gave a great deal of their time to supervising the exhibition, a core of members being in the hall virtually full time. It is a pleasure to thank them  on behalf of all Club members. This year we had 110 hung paintings, over 40 pictures in the browsers and a large number of high quality greetings cards on sale. Several visitors mentioned that there was an overall high standard of work on show. Congratulations to all exhibitors.
 Our adjudicator this year was Rachael Pinks, a well known local artist. She took great care, deliberating for almost two hours before making her choices as follows:
 Trophy Winner :
Elizabeth Harris with a pastel painting “Riven Oak”
Six paintings were Highly Commended:
Elaine Bainbridge:Just the Path Through the Woods”.
Ruth Portlock: “Three Pike”.
Julie Maxwell: “Rupert  With One Arm”.
Joseph Read:“Curiouser and Curiouser”.
Peter Valentine: “Ariadne”.
Visitors’ Choice
Peter Valentine had most votes.
Charles Chen came second
Other high scorers were
Elaine Bainbridge, Kamaljit, L. Griggs,
M. Griffiths, F. Jackson and J. Read


Last updated: Wednesday 02nd August 2017